How Much Is $400k Worth in Huntsville, AL?

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Moving to a new area can be stressful. Finding the right neighborhood and the perfect home is a daunting task, especially when you don’t live in the area. You probably have a specific budget and know what price point you can afford, but many home buyers forget the difference in cost of living (determined by your living area).

Two-hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) can get you a beautiful, spacious house in Huntsville, but in New York City, that would get you a tiny cottage on the outer city-limits. And since a lot of our home buyers come from the east coast, specifically Washington D.C., they don’t realize how much house they can actually get for a better price.

Cost of Living Comparison: Washington D.C. & Huntsville, AL

- Huntsville is 33% cheaper than Washington

- Housing is 64% cheaper in Huntsville

As you can see, living in Huntsville is drastically cheaper than living in Washington. The housing market was even the biggest difference factor in the 2 areas. So when you consider what $400,000 can get you in Washington, think about what it’ll get you in Huntsville. You have an enormous potential to either earn money or buy a much larger home. Either way, you’ll be living more comfortable than you did in Washington.

What $400,000 Can Get You in Huntsville, AL

For the curious, here is a home for sale in Huntsville that fits the average home price in Washington D.C.

16490 Snug Harbor Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

Price: $419,900

This custom 4-bedroom house rests in the Marina Park neighborhood, only minutes away from the Redstone Arsenal & Ditto Landing. The traditional, brick design includes spacious living areas and craftsman-style elements. An open floor plan helps create a more lively home experience and prevents you from feeling closed off from the property. Tons of natural light brightens the house through the multi-paned windows. And the bedrooms feature cozy amenities, ranging from soft carpeting to large closets. Other noteworthy features include a 2-car garage and large yard for children to play in.

Huntsville, AL Real Estate

If you’re interested in seeing what else you can get for $400,000 in Huntsville, search our current home listings by clicking the button below. If you’d like to talk to us about relocating to the area, give us a call at (256) 799-9000 or send us an email via our Contact Page.


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