Crime Stoppers - Huntsville, AL

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Interview with Officer Nathan Nickelson, Police Officer with Huntsville Police Department

We have an amazing program here in our community that has reduced the number of unsolved crimes at a major level with very minimal community support.  We, at Amanda Howard Real Estate, were just made aware of this incredibly productive group 1.5 years ago and have been supporting them since then.

Unfortunately, as economic times have been hard on individuals and companies the last couple years, the small group of supporters that did support this group have pulled back on their contributions while the wise decisions of this small group of volunteers have put technology in place to aid in solving more crimes which equates to more rewards to pay out for the tips in solving these crimes.  So, I am here to not only INFORM you about this group but also let you know that this group is in a great need of your support!

This group is called CRIME STOPPERS.

I am impressed to report that for every $1.00 that Huntsville area Crime Stoppers spends on rewards, $39 in stolen property and narcotics is recovered.

Through Dec 2012 the Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers chapter was able to close 1,341 cases by making 181 arrests.  These kinds of results can't happen without your support.

In 2012 alone we paid out $27,850 in rewards for tips that lead to the police department solving these crimes.

The Huntsville area Crime Stoppers is one of the most successful tools available to keep our community safe!

Their continued successes because of the strong partnerships of the past and the new partnerships formed with neighbors and businesses.

In addition to looking for contributions and partnerships The Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers will be holding their 12th annual "Charity Auction" at Redstone Federal Credit Union on Wynn Drive on May 11th at 1:00.  We would love your attendance as well as we are asking for auction items.  You and your company have the power to make this event a huge success with your donation of goods or services.

Donations may be tax deductible.

You can hit the website for more answers to your questions.


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