5 Things You Should Do When You Move Into a New Home

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When you move into a new home, the excitement can be overwhelming. You get your boxes unpacked, start getting to know your new neighbors and begin planning a brand new life in your new space. However, there are still a few things that you should do once you get moved into your new home. These tips are for your own safety, so read on to find out what they are.

First, change your locks as soon as you move in. While you might trust the previous owners and not worry that they will come back, you just never know who else might have keys to your new home. The previous owners could have given extra sets to friends and family in case anyone ever needed to get inside their home. Just to be on the safe side, get the locks changed as soon as you move in.

On a similar note, make sure to reprogram the garage door as well. Owners often give their extra garage door remotes to family and friends. Or, if you have a keypad outside, they may have given the code to someone else. To be safe, get your garage door reprogrammed at the same time you change your locks.

After you move in, you also want to change the air filter in your HVAC system. This is because you never know the last time it was changed, and when the air filter is dirty it adds stress and strain to the system.

You should also install new batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home. These should be changed every 6 months, but you have no way of knowing the last time that the previous homeowner did this. Go ahead and change them, and then do so every 6 months for the entire time you own your home.

Finally, change the toilet seats and lids. This should be pretty obvious, but for cleanliness I would recommend changing all seats and lids in each bathroom. Start from a clean slate, so to speak.

Of course, there are always things that you want to do in your new home after you move in. Do these five things first, and then have a great time enjoying your new space!

As always, call me if you have any questions about the real estate market. I am here to help!

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